Built Analysis revision

My first revision was on the titles. I made each title more appealing to the audience by making it more dramatic. I then made my works cited page easier to find but putting it at the end of my analysis. I also put bullet points to separate the articles and images. I went on to fix various grammatical errors such as subject and verb agreement. Finally, I added sources to simply make me more credible then just explaining to a stranger that I live with these issues, definitions, etc… that, in return, makes a lot of what I have written about common knowledge.

Outline of Built Environment Analysis

  • Introduction- The influence of the private real estate markets, banks, and white flight has cause the decrease of black wealth, in Atlanta, Georgia. This explains the sections in my Analysis and how they relate to one another.
  • Census-This compares white and black populations. How the black population has increased over the years and how the white population has actually decreased over the years.
  • Banks/ Real estate- This explains how banks and real estates effect black wealth. This is by fraudulent loans for people who have more than enough money to afford a better one.
  • *Segregation- How segregation destroyed the black community.
  • White Flight- How white flight effects the economy and education systems of the black community.
  • *Integration- Why segregation is better than integration. How integration destroys black culture, families, and wealth.
  • Conclusion- Just restates the introduction and my personal opinion on the issue.
  • Presentation: I am going to do a powerpoint on segregation versus integration. I will be using pictures, maybe a video, music and will be pre-timed. This will include the pros and cons of both segregation and integration and which would work best for our evolving world. This will also tie back into my built analysis by providing which would work better to improve the black wealth as well.


Monica. Children Holding Hands. Digital image. Pin. Pintrest, n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2017. <https://www.google.com/search?q=colorful+hands&espv=2&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyzKSB5ZPTAhVGlVQKHbUFB3cQsAQIGQ&biw=1366&bih=589#tbm=isch&q=children+holding+hands+black+and+white&imgrc=v7A_hddUDftbmM:>.

In my conclusion, if blacks and whites take the time to understand their flaws than my analysis would mean nothing. However, that is not the case. Whites have a fear of blacks because of their knowledge.

Knowledge = Money = Power; Knowledge = Power

Why? I personally don’t know.

I do know that that they are using private real estate agents and banks to force blacks into low property value housing to force their children to go to lower quality schools. This doesn’t mean that these children couldn’t get into a college  but they will have trouble getting the knowledge that they deserve.

Yes, Integration has its issues. If a county or even a state of white people that did not want black people in it and even though there are federal laws against discrimination, it hasn’t stopped white communities from scaring blacks with the use of violence.

However, if segregation was the answer then we would still have Jim Crow laws.

Why Integration could be just as bad as Segregation?

Where there is a segregation, there is integration. There are some people who believe that integrating is worse than segregating. Such as, the video below explains the consequences of integration to the black community.

Another example of the integration failing the black community is the case in Forsyth county, where a white female was raped and killed. In effect two black teens were lynched, however, were not the people who did it. This caused blacks to flee there homes in fear that this would happen to them or their children. It is explained clearly in the video below.


What happen in Forsyth is an unfortunate event  but it does seem that every time that one white male or female is brutalized until dead, some black man is blamed and killed for it. However, if the same thing had happen to a black male or female nothing would of happen (African American Class). For an example, the police brutalities that has recently been happening to the black community. Many of the police officers had “no pay leave”.

It is a struggle to know which for sure is better for the black community, Integration vs. Segregation. However, the facts are that nobody deserves to die for a white nor black cause. That is inhumane.

Why are Whites leaving Black areas?

White flight is define as white’s leaving an area in huge numbers for some reason (African American History Class).

In Atlanta’s case, it is because of the increase of blacks migrating in huge numbers in to Atlanta. Atlanta is the Mecca for black people. It is full of diverse foods and job opportunities ran by other black people. Most blacks enjoy being around other blacks because they know that they cannot be discriminated by skin color.


Atlanta in 1970
Atlanta in 1940






However, when whites leave an area this creates segregation between the two races, whites and blacks. White flight causes an area to create tension because you will have the ones who say this is “your side” and this is “my side” phenomena, which in a sense divides the whole nation (African American History class). There is nothing wrong with a divided middle- class until one side doesn’t want to work with the other. This is normally the case with whites and blacks.

However, the big problem is schools. When white flight occurs, the children are flown along with them. This puts a divide between children and both races are grown up in separate conditions that in return, makes them not want to work together. Children are born loving and caring of others but without be introduced to other races and with some bad parenting, you can make a white child feel superior than the other child or may even vice versa (Psychology class).

White flight also causes property values to drop, which could be bad if a neighborhood is cleared only leaving a few black families to pick up what is left of their property value.

Introduction: How White Supremacist use their Power to Destroy the Black Community.

The influence of the private real estate markets, banks, and white flight has cause the decrease of black wealth, in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is because the white supremacists or even whites as a whole, are realizing that more African Americans, or blacks, are getting just as good education as they are and it is without their help.  Most scholarships are tailored to whites and international students but not minorities, blacks. However, black people have realize that they can get the same education without scholarships. Most black’s will work a few years before starting college or even as they are enrolled into school. This means that, when they graduate, they are just as qualified to get high paying jobs just like white Americans and based on the United States of America’s laws, they can not be discriminated because of race for a job. It is also an easy way to sue a company.

Now, why would whites not like this?

Well knowledge means money and money means power. It’s crazy to think that whites wouldn’t want blacks to move into their community because of the myth that blacks lowering property values. However, that’s exactly what they believe. So they figure out a way to disable blacks from moving in to “their” communities.

This begins with the real estate agents pushing blacks into black communities and low value houses. Then the banks come in to give them some ridiculous loan, knowing that their client can afford a better one. This results in lower quality education systems because schools are based on the property values of homes.

So you see, forcing the present generation into a lower value home effects the future generation education. If this is done long enough, the black wealth wouldn’t be much wealth but a poor society in which they have already came from during the post-slavery era.

How Private Real Estate’s and Banks effect the Black community.

Private real estate’s can not discriminate against black people because of the Fair housing act. Yet, in  South DeKalb county , blacks are sold under-valued homes all the time. Wayne Early explains, “They make good money. They have good jobs” , however, they are just not getting the same value houses as the whites in North Dekalb county (The Nation’s Housing Recovery is leaving Blacks behind).

Comparing the values of housing from high black populated areas to low black populated areas.

However, it isn’t black people lowering the value of homes, which is the fear of most whites when they purchase a home. This is also why real estates don’t allow blacks to buy houses from the white community or better communities. The real problem is the banks. See, over generations of been targeted for predatory loans based on racial discrimination and government policy in the past has lead for banks to continue with the same agenda (The Nation’s Housing Recovery is leaving Blacks behind).  As Faber argued, in the article, that Subprime lenders thought as wealthy blacks as profitable targets(The Nation’s Housing Recovery is leaving Blacks behind) .

I personally was victim of this when the market crashed in 2008. My family had the money to continue to pay for the house during that time but the bank refused to take the money and instead took our house. Now, not only are we paranoid with the banks intentions but unfortunately there is no way to get a house without them. They are unavoidable.

To continue, the market crash in 2008 disproportionately harmed Atlanta‘s minority community compared to the white community. Most blacks still haven’t recovered because of the lost of jobs, and others who had to file for bankruptcy. Then whites began fleeing the few diverse communities for better opportunities elsewhere, which help led to the decrease of value in homes (Segregation’s New Geography). This also affected the school systems and many had to shorten their staff, sacrifice their books, or close their doors all together.

Unfortunately, even though the blacks are making a rebound, most have to deal with the affects of the decrease of property values because of the real estate agents and the unreliable banking structure that refuse to change its policies.


The Destruction of Black Wealth by the use of Segregation.

Unkown, Author. Jim Crowe. Digital image. Blogspot. Blogspot, n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2017. <http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ZZYRqENqP9g/Th7_uQaLdVI/AAAAAAAAB4Y/J5qpk5qWR0Y/s1600/jim+crowe.jpg>.

Segregation has existed for as long whites decided to put blacks into slavery. The found a passage in their bible and education whites and blacks of their places. Whites behind superior and blacks being inferior. However, most people are more familiar of the creation of segregation to begin with the Jim Crow laws. These were a set of laws that were made to protect white privilege and limit the freedoms of blacks (Segregation).

Unkown, Author. Picture of opposition and support of Jim Crow laws. Digital image. Crew of 42. Crew of 42, n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2017. <http://www.crewof42.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/jim-crow.png>.

Now, in the 1870’s thru 1880’s, blacks did learn to coexist with whites in integrated public spaces and housing (Segregation). It wasn’t until 1890 where a more pervasive system of racial segregation was made (Segregation). This form separated blacks from whites to the present day America.

How does this relate to destroying black wealth?

The article, How Segregation destroys Black Wealth, explains that even after the Jim crow laws and after the congress outlawed housing discrimination in the Fair Housing Act,  real estate agents still promote segregation. This means that blacks are denied from moving to high-value areas that would provide better education systems and opportunities to better oneself.

Simply, the inability for blacks to move into better homes with higher property values to have the economic gains to benefit their community has made them fall further behind wealthy whites. Education is based on  home values.

Lower home values = lower quality of education

Comparing White and Black Populations.

Since the dawn of time, in America, black populations has always been higher than the white population because of slavery. However, they have exponentially decreased due to wars, white on black crimes (hangings, burning’s on crosses, or just straight killings), black on black crimes, health issues, and just recently police brutality (African American History class). So, to evaluate the effect of modern segregation, of Atlanta, Georgia, you have to look at the facts.

Census 2000

In 2000, the white population was at over 5 million people with the black population of 2.5 million. Now, considering that there is over 300 million people in the United States of America, these are big numbers for two races in one city as seen in the chart above.

Census 2010
Unknown, Author. “Info Center.” Census 2010. Atlanta Regional, Jan.-Feb. 2010. Web. 07 Apr. 2017. <http://www.atlantaregional.com/info-center/2010-census>.
Unknown, Author. “Info Center.” Census 2010. Atlanta Regional, Jan.-Feb. 2010. Web. 07 Apr. 2017. <http://www.atlantaregional.com/info-center/2010-census>.

In 2010, the white population Atlanta, leaving them at barely 4 million people (census 2010). The black population increased 25.3% and had almost 3 million people (census 2010). Now, this may not seem like a big deal but in math terms the gap between populations has decreased from 2.5 million to 1 million. That is a huge change within a ten year period. So the big question is, why are all the white people leaving Atlanta or not coming to Atlanta?